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Where can I find more images for my sites?

a) Image Search in Mixo
We have Unsplash integrated into the image selector, so you can find images that fit your site easily. To access this, simply click Add (or on an existing image if one is selected) to bring up the image selector.

Here you can either use Unsplash to find royalty free images for your site or upload your own. To use it:

Simply enter a search term in the box
Click Search
Select an image for it to be automatically injected into your site

b) Mockups
If you have screenshots or images of your product that you want to show off, consider creating a mockup. Mockups let you render the image into another high resolution photo (such as displaying a screenshot in a laptop, device, etc).

Try for creating and downloading royalty free mockups

c) Royalty Free Illustrations
For customisable illustrations that capture the idea behind your startup, try sites like This allows you to select a bespoke style, colors and image. To use them with Mixo, simply export as PNG, JPG or SVG and use the upload option when adding images to your site.

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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