How to upgrade and downgrade my sites?

With Mixo, we give you the flexibility to manage you plans and reuse them for new websites. Finished testing an idea? You can simply downgrade the site and apply the plan to another site. This lets to test new ideas or setup other websites fast.

Applying unused plan to a new / existing site

If you have recently purchased a plan but it has not applied the credit to an existing site, you may find yourself with an unused plan. To apply this on the sites list page ( you should see a banner at the top of the page stating you have existing credit.
- If you want to create a new site, click here if you want to apply this credit to a new site.
- If you want to apply the credit to an existing site, you click on "Upgrade with Credit" next to the corresponding site

Downgrading an existing site

Downgrading an existing site will release a plan to be used as credit. Simply click the three dots next to the site (on the sites list page) and then Downgrade. Doing this will doesn't cancel your paid plan.Instead, you'll be able to reassign the credit from this site to use on another.

To cancel your plan and stop all payments, visit
How do I cancel my plan?

Updated on: 31/07/2023

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