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How to troubleshoot error "We could not understand the description you provided. Add more detail to idea and try again."

This error message is indicating that the description provided by the user is unclear or insufficient for the system to understand. The user needs to provide a more detailed idea description to ensure that the system can process and comprehend the idea accurately.

To resolve this error, the user should try to provide a more comprehensive and detailed description of their idea, including specific details and clear explanations of what they are trying to communicate. They can also try to rephrase the description in a more straightforward and understandable way to ensure that the system can interpret it accurately. Additionally, it may be helpful to check if there are any formatting or character limitations that the system may have, and adjust the description accordingly.

How to provide more details

Here are some better prompts you could try when you receive this error:

Can you provide more specific details about your idea? What problem does it solve and how does it do so?
What are some unique features of your idea that make it stand out from similar products?
Can you explain how your idea works in more detail? What are the different components and how do they interact with each other?
Have you conducted any market research or user testing for your idea? If so, what were the results and how did they inform your development process?
Can you give some examples of how your idea could be used in real-world scenarios? How would it benefit users in those situations?

By providing more detailed and specific information about your idea, you can help the AI better understand what you are trying to communicate and generate more relevant and accurate content.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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