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How do I setup a custom domain?

Need help setting up your custom domain?
Get our team to do the DNS setup for you. To do so simply purchase a custom domain setup and then contact our team for instructions to provide us access.

This article will give you a general overview on how to setup a custom domain on your Mixo website:
Log into your Mixo account dashboard
Click on the Custom Domain section and enter the domain name you have purchased (on GoDaddy, NameCheap etc)

Here you will find 3 records (1 CNAME and 2 TXT records) provided by Mixo. These need to be added into your registrars DNS settings.
Log into your registrar’s account page and on the registrar’s DNS settings page, add the 3 records (1 CNAME and 2 TXT records) provided by Mixo

Save the changes and wait for the records to propagate (they can take up to an hour to refresh)
Go back to Custom Domain section on Mixo and refresh the records.
Once all records have been changed to "Active", you must Publish your site to ensure the latest code points to your site.
Congratulations, your domain is now connected to your Mixo website!


Do you have an IP address I can connect an A record to? No. Our services dynamically create a subdomain for each site, there is no IP you can map to on our end.
Can I connect to your nameservers? No. You will need use a domain providers name servers and then host your DNS records there.

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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