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How do I add payment functionality to my landing page?

To add payments to your landing page we recommend using a primary button (see screenshot below) and linking to a payment provider.

1. Sign up with a Payment Provider
Users can use to create a payment link by simply setting up a PayPal account and creating a personalized link. They can then use this link to receive payments from customers who can click on the link and pay through PayPal.

Stripe Payment Links
For Stripe Payment Links, users can create a payment link by navigating to the Stripe Dashboard and selecting "Payment Links" from the "Payments" menu. From there, they can create a link and customize it with their own branding, pricing, and other details. They can then copy and paste the link onto their Mixo website to start collecting payments.

Stripe Invoices
For Stripe Invoices, users can create and send invoices to customers directly from the Stripe Dashboard. They can choose to send the invoice via email or share a link to the invoice on their Mixo website. Customers can then click on the link and pay the invoice using their preferred payment method.

Stripe Subscriptions
Stripe Subscriptions allow users to create recurring payment plans for their products or services. Users can set up subscription plans in the Stripe Dashboard and then link them to their Mixo website. Customers can then subscribe to the plan and be billed automatically at the designated intervals.

Gumroad is a platform that enables creators to sell digital products directly to their customers. Users can create a Gumroad account and then upload their products to the platform. They can then generate a link for each product and share it on their Mixo website. Customers can click on the link and purchase the product using their preferred payment method.

With Mixo's editor, you can easily add payment links to your website. Just go to the Button Link fields and insert the payment link. This will allow your customers to easily make payments directly through your website. Whether you're selling products, services or accepting donations, Mixo's payment link feature makes it simple to manage your online transactions. So, start adding payment links to your website with Mixo today!

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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